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Six-Word Lessons for Successful Social Media:
100 Lessons to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Social Media doesn’t have to be complicated, yet so few people have the correct roadmap to point them in the right direction. In this book, you’ll find useful nuggets, practical ideas and time-saving tips to make your Social Media efforts much more valuable and profitable. Rather than pore through pages and pages of content trying to mine for gold, Six-Word Lessons for Successful Social Media gives them to you straight up–no strainer needed.

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Written by Tracey Warren, Owner and Chief Media Strategist at The Social Playground in Shoreline, Washington, Six-Word Lessons for Successful Social Media leverages Tracey’s 20+ years of marketing experience where she has helped many new and experienced business owners grow and increase their success and effectiveness using Social Media.

Six Word Lessons for Successful Social Media is organized into ten easy-to-understand chapters:

  1. Social Media is Here to Stay
  2. Pick the Proper Platforms for You
  3. Define Your Strategy, Work Your Plan
  4. Build Your Briand, Grow Your Business
  5. Want More Impact? Try These Tactics
  6. Create a Community, Connect, Engage, Care
  7. Find the Tools that Work for You
  8. Get it Done in Less Time
  9. When in Doubt, Use Common Sense
  10. Social Media Takes Time, Don’t Quit

Each six-word lesson gives you a concise explanation of what to do (and not do) to help you get started on your Social Media journey. Years of wisdom at your fingertips!

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