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Social Media Solutions for the Entrepreneur
I can teach you how. We can do it together. I can do it for you.

I can teach you how.

Spotlight Strategy Session – 2 Hours

  • 2 hour intensive – Deep Dive
  • Identify your target market and where they spend their time
  • Create and leverage content
  • Editorial Calendar creation
  • Discover secret tips and tricks

AND so much more!

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Spotlight Strategy Session

We can do it together.

Social Media Superhero Yourself!

This three-month engagement includes four hours working together in person and four one-hour follow-up calls. We will:

  • Identify & solidify your target market
  • Choose platforms, plus set up and training for each platform
  • Create a list of Champions and Advocates and develop a plan for following, nurturing, and engaging them
  • Map out your content strategy, plan posts, create graphics, etc
  • Evaluate results and modify plan to maximize those results
  • Learn how you can SHINE online!
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Social Media Superhero

I can do it for you!

Are you a entrepreneur, consultant or coach? Hire me as your community manager!

It’s my specialty. Regain the freedom to work with your clients while I continue to build your online reputation with YOUR voice on the platforms we decide will be best for you.
What does this service look like? I will …

  • Create Social media strategy based on YOUR target market and goals
  • Create and curate all content for Facebook – to create community
  • Manage, monitor, and respond as YOU
  • Use YOUR Insights and analytics to determine best times and content to post for YOUR audience
  • Monitor your Facebook community

My commitmentright arrow
you’ll see a significant increase in how often I post on your behalf.

Your benefit
Your community will grow, often exponentially!

My commitmentright arrow
I will use no third party apps for posting to Facebook.

Your benefit
Greater engagement and reach, and a more personalized experience for your customers!

Your commitmentright arrow
A six-month minimum service contract.

Your benefit
Time to watch your reach and engagement grow, and for you to begin to see the results!

My clients experience greater-than-average reach. Contact me for examples.

Additional platforms available as well – Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram (additional charge)

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